4 Ways You Can Manifest The Life You Want

What you think about, you bring about. 


I first learned about the Law of Attraction when I was 18 and when a friend recommended The Secret. And weirdly enough, we stumbled upon a copy of it on a table in the middle of a Greenwich Village estate sale. Freaky, right? Yeah. It wasn’t until I was 21(ish) that I actually started to practice manifestation techniques. Let me tell you…they totally work. 

How can you practice the Law of Attraction and manifestation? Easy. 

Remember: thoughts become things.


1. Meditate. 

This is a great way to get in touch with your thoughts and your feelings and really, truly think about the things you’re grateful for and the things you want. 

Remember to have an attitude of gratitude. Think about what you’re grateful for and you will receive more of that. 

Remember to breathe. Inhale, exhale. Feel your body, from head to toe, and breathe. Breathe. 

Find yourself in a massage session, or at a yoga class, or maybe listening to an app of guided meditation. YouTube even has a ton of music compilations for synchronicity and meditation. I listen to these a lot when I’m writing poetry, doing freelance work, and falling asleep. 

Here are a couple of my favorites: 

(I’m actually listening to this right now!) 

Listen to some of these and let me know your thoughts.


2. Write things down. 

Do you remember writing in a diary when you were younger? We all had one and if you didn’t, you were lying. 

This manifestation technique is called journaling or scripting. Think of it as an adult diary with a touch of magic in it. There are so many journaling guides out there, but this one is my favorite: 

Scripting 101: 

1. Write in the present tense 

2. Write with emotion 

3. Write with gratitude 

4. Be very descriptive 

5. Have fun!


I’m a writer and I genuinely love to handwrite things, so this is a technique I do a lot. Let me tell you–it 100% works. About a year or so ago, I wrote on a piece of paper the things I wanted to manifest. Although some of them have yet to ~come true~, I manifested my dream apartment in Brooklyn, NY and my dream job as a writer. Things have changed since I manifested, and I’ve reached a point in my life where I want different things now. So here I go, off to script again. 


3. Create a vision board. 

This is one of my favorite manifestation techniques. It’s just so fun! 

A vision board is like an adult collage. It can be on Canva.com or in real life, using magazine cut-outs or printed photos. Find things that you like, things you want, places you want to visit, things you want to feel. Put it together and hang it up somewhere. Watch things manifest. 

Here’s an old one I created, about a year or so ago:

You can take photos from Tumblr, Instagram, or wherever you see fit. Have fun with it! Manifest


4. Try the 2-Cup Method. 

This is a weird one. I’m still trying to grasp this method, to be honest. 


  • Get two cups.
  • Fill one cup with water (to drink) and keep the other one empty. 
  • Label the two cups. The water cup is your current situation. The empty cup is your desired situation.3.
  • Sit with them for a second. Think about how you feel currently and then how you’ll feel with your desired manifestation. 
  • Take the water cup and pour it into the empty cup. 
  • Be present. Sit back and feel that good feeling you felt when thinking about your desired situation. 
  • Drink the new cup of water. 
  • Rip up the other label, hold on to the desired label.

Leeor Alexandra does a great job of explaining this method and the how-to process. Read up about it and check out her videos, if you want!


Have you ever done any of these techniques before? I’d love to talk to you about it! 

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