travel with me: Boston, MA | Salem, MA

Over the weekend I visited Salem, MA and saw a psychic. Not only was she freakishly accurate, talking about what’s been happening to me the last few months, but she seemed to have high hopes and good vibes for me and the future… and yes, that’s freaky to me. 

Let me back up though. 

I went to Boston over the weekend to visit my best friend of 12 years. I flew in Friday morning, ready for a day full of activities in and around the busy city. 

First stop? Coffee. Julia (my BFF) and I went to this cute little coffee chain - Tatte Bakery & Cafe - to prepare us for a long day of walking. I ordered a croissant sandwich with no avocado and it was to die for. (Sorry, I only took a photo of the coffee. I was too hungry and couldn’t wait to take a photo.) 

We then walked a block or so and fulfilled our bookworm needs by spending some time in the Harvard Bookstore and Grolier Poetry Book Shop (aka the oldest poetry bookstore in the country). We were both in heaven. 

We strolled through Harvard’s campus (I wanted to see it!) and then made our way to the Boston Common and Public Garden to see one thing and one thing only: the Robin Williams Bench. 

Harvard, baby.

If you know me, you know that Robin Williams is everything to me. Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies and all I wanted was to see the infamous bench that him and Matt Damon sit on, in one of the most inspirational, pivotal scenes. 

Do you know what was cool? Seeing the bench. Do you know what wasn’t cool? Seeing an old woman feed 13+ squirrels while sitting on that bench. 

Sure, I didn’t get to sit where he sat (I wasn’t going to sit next to a woman who had a squirrel literally sitting on her lap…) but at least I saw it, right? 


And that’s the thing. Sometimes your plans get a little messed up and things aren’t as perfect as you would’ve hoped they’d be. I have a hard time living in the moment, but this circumstance taught me to just…relax. Stop stressing so much. Breathe. Look at the bench. Breathe. Let life happen. Things will fall into place.

The next day, Julia and I woke up early and took the train into Salem. We quickly got in line to get tickets for the Salem Witch Museum. (Which, to be honest, was very underwhelming. Don’t spend your money on this!) 

We wandered around, waiting for our museum time slot. I found Butterbeer in a Harry Potter store (!!!!) and she found a bookstore. I dragged her to the Town Hall (Hocus Pocus) and then to a psychic. And yeah, this is where things got weird for me.

I fully believe in tarot cards and whatever our palms tell us and whatever a psychic can sense from us. I’ve never been a skeptic. When I was shuffling the cards, she felt something immediately. 

According to the psychic, I am in a transitional period of my life, both in my career and personal life. There was something a few months ago that was stressing me out and putting a huge weight on my shoulders. This situation just wasn’t serving me, and so I moved away and moved on. And she was right. Not only did I leave a toxic environment and living space with bad roommates and literally packed up my things and moved to a new apartment, but I also stopped working at a job that emotionally and mentally drained me. 

She told me that my career might go in a different direction, and it’s a good thing, apparently. But that scares me. What am I going to do? Will I still be a writer? 

But I guess that leads me back to my point earlier: no matter the circumstance, just roll with it. I am learning to let life teach me things. I am learning to be in the moment and show gratitude for every obstacle. I am learning to breathe better. It’s hard, but I’m trying. I’m not sure where to go from here, but I have full faith in the universe and whatever it has planned for me. 


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