travel with me: Vienna, Austria

I was super anxious to be here.

For most of the train ride, I was calm. I read my book, I drank my water, I gawked at the view outside my window. But when we arrived in Poland, two German officers approached every passenger and asked for passports. I nearly forgot we were entering a new country and I was overwhelmed with the officers talking to me. I shut my eyes for the rest of the train ride, anxiously anticipating the comfort of the hotel bed.

We arrived at Hotel Wien, where we would stay for the next day. Haunted? Definitely. I wish I took pictures of the inside of the room. We were never really in there that long—just to sleep and shower, mostly. But let me tell ya - it was chilling. Just after one night’s rest I felt like something was here and didn’t want us to be there… 

Anyway, we only had one day to explore Vienna, so we did as much as we could. So the morning of a tourist-full day: we sat outside on a terrace, ate a delicious breakfast - that I neglected to take photos of because I ate too quickly - and drank lots and lots of coffee before our adventure. 

We tried to soak up every bit of architecture that we could.

We saw St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and bought rosary beads and blessed them with Holy Water. We wandered around and embraced the culture of the empty streets. (That’s my fancier way of saying - we got lost for about 45 minutes. Tourists, sorry.) 

At the end of the day, we found a restaurant near our hotel and ate more goulash (!!!) and drank some wine and enjoyed the atmosphere until it got dark and brisk and pushed us to sleep.


Have you been to Vienna? Would you go back?  

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